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Interview with Anima Hereticae: Genesis of the Band and the “Ov Behest” EP

The frigid Finnish air has breathed life into Anima Hereticae, a blackened melodic death metal outfit who will offer their debut EP, Ov Behest, this Friday, October 1. The trio, comprised of vocalist/bassist Ville Rutanen (Aeonian Sorrow, Red Moon Architect), guitarist Taneli Jämsä (Aeonian Sorrow, Red Moon Architect, Hukutus, Frosttide, Ghost Voyage), and drummer Teppo

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“Anima” from Ähtäri: Noumena’s Full-Length Album Release

It’s been an eventful period for melodic death metallers Noumena. The seven-piece band released Anima (Haunted Zoo Productions) on September 4, marking their fifth full-length release in their 22-year history. In the same week, the group, comprised of Hannu Savolainen (bass), Ilkka Unnbom (drums), Ville Lamminaho (guitars, mandolin, vocals), Tuukka Tuomela (guitars, vocals), Antti Haapanen

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