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Vorna’s Season: Autumn and the Release of “Sateet palata saavat”

It’s Vorna’s season now; with the September 27th release of Sateet palata saavat, translated in English as “the rains will return”, they gift Finnish metal with insight into the climate and imagery of autumn and beyond. The band, comprised of Vesa Salovaara (vocals), Niilo Könönen (bass), Arttu Järvisalo (lead guitar), Saku Myyryläinen (keyboards), Henri Lammintausta

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New and Noteworthy: Interview with Helsinki’s Voidfallen

Giving birth to a band is no small amount of work, and Helsinki’s Voidfallen have chosen an interesting time to join the Finnish metal landscape. In an environment brimming with tenured bands and their decades-long fan bases, kicking off a new act can be, in some ways, courageous. The melodic death metal five-piece, comprised of

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Wanderers Toward Rebirth: Eluveitie & Korpiklaani Conclude Tour in NYC

“New York Fucking City” is typically a special stop on a metal band’s tour, for many reasons. Besides its obvious esteem and a population of fans much larger than elsewhere along a typical North American tour route, it often makes financial sense as the starting of ending point, connecting bands back to their far-flung home

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