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Interview with Kevin Storm: Fleetburner’s Origins and Looking Ahead

Fleetburner may be a new band in town, but they’ve wasted no time putting their best foot forward with their namesake debut album, Fleetburner, released in September 2020 on Butler Records. In order to best tell the album’s story, Dutch guitarist Kevin Storm hand-picked the other international talents, including American vocalist Ken Simerly, Finnish keyboardist

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Interview: Silentium’s Riina Rinkinen, Sami Boman, and Juha Lehtioksa Discuss “Motiva” and Their Unique Year

It has been three months since Finland’s Silentium unleashed Motiva, their sixth full-length album and first in over a decade. The album, released on Out Of Line Music, artfully layers in more symphonic elements than ever, including widespread strings and synths, and even a woodwind ensemble on the latest single, “Shame”. Motiva’s lyrical themes are

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Troll Metal Stands Tall: Verikalpa Talk “Tuoppitanssi” and Live Performances in 2020

Oulu, Finland’s Verikalpa are ready to unleash their freshly brewed “beer-drenched troll metal” with Tuoppitanssi, due in nine days on February 21 via Italy’s Scarlet Records. Verikalpa’s most recent single, “Nalulattujen Vaellus”, will appear on the album, and it gives listeners a taste of what to expect for the group’s sophomore full length. The band’s

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