Interview with Pasi Löfgrén: Where’s My Bible Announce New EP and Music Videos with “Definitely Darker” Feel

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Heinola, Finland’s finest “mosh ‘n’ roll” squad Where’s My Bible have embraced 2021 with open arms and raised fists, eager to unleash new material. The five-piece group, including vocalist Jussi Matilainen, bassist Jarno Laakkonen, guitarist Toni Hinkkala, guitarist Pasi Löfgrén, and drummer Teppo Ristola, are on the brink of releasing a new EP, along with music videos to accompany each song and tell a cohesive story.

If you’re new to this band, don’t be shy, because they sure won’t be, either. They released a single, “Werewolves of Ghost Town” in 2020, further maturing their signature blend of punk, rock, death metal, and thrash metal beyond the solid foundation they laid in 2018 with debut full length M’n’R (Inverse Records).

In an interview with Metal Solstice, Löfgrén explained that their forthcoming EP—release date and further details to be determined—will have a “definitely darker” feel. The guitarist also spoke to the decision to add Ristola to the permanent lineup on drums, and the band’s dream for live shows to come.

Metal Solstice: We heard new WMB music in 2020; can you share more about what’s to come in 2021? A second full-length, perhaps?

Pasi Löfgrén: Yes, King of the hill and Werewolves of Ghost town was only single releases and the latest “Werewolves of Ghost Town” shows the direction we are musically heading on new songs. We are working some big project, which we have worked almost a year now. The new release will be an EP and will be out this year, but what makes it huge is we are also releasing music videos from all EP’s songs as a short movie about story behind the lyrics. Can’t say anything exact about timing… but soon!

MS: What musical elements will appear in this new material? Is it a natural progression of your punk, rock, death, thrash sound—and are there other musical surprises?

Löfgrén: The new material will be definitely darker than our earlier stuff, serving bigger sound elements including some brutal, some melodic, and some fast stuff. In short, we come bigger and heavier than before with this.

Where’s My Bible logo by artist Petri Lampela.

MS: Which part of creating new music has had the most “magic” for you, and why? What was the most challenging? Please also give insight into how you collaborate on songwriting.

Löfgrén: We took a new style to songwriting that worked greatly for us; our guitarists are now making new riffs at home and compile them to whole song demos with programmed drums. Then we arrange them by juggling them back and forth. And now we spend more time demoing vocals for songs.

I think most magical thing would be that how easily songs came together, because all came so naturally and we didn’t need to worry, “Is this too much for WMB or not?” because we took a conscious leap in a different direction.

MS: Speaking of challenges- the Where’s My Bible social media accounts mentioned overcoming some adversities in recent months. What has kept you personally, as well as the band, going during the pandemic’s wild ride?

Löfgrén: Believing that after all, everything is going to be alright. And we have the feeling inside that now we have something big and special share to world.

MS: Let’s talk about the videos! Can you share more about the setting, storyline, and who created it?

Photo courtesy of Where’s My Bible’s Facebook page, 2020.

Löfgrén: There will be videos for all the songs on the new EP, and this whole music video project is made with the very talented Olli Tiainen, who has been behind all our music videos. When it comes to the storyline, it’s all Olli’s and our singer Jussi’s handwriting. It tells a multidimensional story about mental health problems, mainly focusing on depression.

MS: So, the lineup changed last year- of course Teppo has been around the band for a while, taking promo photos and filling in for some gigs on drums. Can you share why he was the natural fit to take over permanently on drums, and also what his presence has added to the group dynamic?

Löfgrén: Teppo is a really great guy! He fits our group perfectly and has the same bad sense of humor like us. He also proved his playing skills when he shared the stage with us several times and has the passion to travel this road with us. So, he was quite naturally the right choice to be a member of Where’s My Bible.

MS: I’ve asked this to other bands recently, and answers vary- when shows eventually resume and “mosh ‘n’ roll” is still “social distance ‘n’ roll” and fans are farther apart, how will you create the same energy in the room?

Löfgrén: We are the band who always offers our 110% best live show. No matter if there is one person or 10,000 people in the crowd, and no matter if they are just standing and fumbling with their phones or moshing and pitting around. We will give our best! Damn, we miss that; we want to play you a great fucking show again!

Watch 2020’s “Werewolves of Ghost Town” music video here, or listen on Spotify below!

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