Pahan Ikoni Release Single “Ikonoklasti”, Announce 2021 Full-Length

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Finnish thrash/death up-and-comers Pahan Ikoni wasted no time releasing news in recent weeks: a new single entitled “Ikonoklasti”, an accompanying music video, and the promise of a debut full-length in 2021.

According to bassist Petri Sara, “The story of ‘Ikonoklasti’ is told through the eyes of an iconoclast, a destroyer of sacred icons. It’s about dismantling false idols in a world filled with symbols and illusion.”

The band- which also includes co-lead guitarists Janne Vähäaho and Carlos Laisaari, drummer Anton Nisonen, and vocalist Jan Juvonen- have solidified both their intent to partner with a label for the forthcoming album, and their footing as deserving members of the Helsinki thrash scene.

Mixed by Samu Oittinen from Fantom Studio and mastered by Mika Jussila of Finnvox, “Ikonoklasti” hits hard with chorused chants and a solo from Vähäaho. The music video, directed by Sara, follows suit with plenty of strobe lights and harsh red hues to set the mood.

Sung in Finnish, as is the rest of Pahan Ikoni’s catalog, their lyrics offer turns of phrase that meaningfully supplement the song’s content. In a prior interview with Metal Solstice at the since-demolished Nosturi in Helsinki, Juvonen said, “Besides the language coming naturally to us, it’s easier for us to convey emotion in Finnish.”

Sara added, “In Finland we have this thing called ‘turpasauna’. It reminds me a bit of how Exodus described thrash metal and moshpits: “Good, friendly, violent fun.” When we have played “Ikonoklasti” live, it has been exactly that, both for the crowd and for us.

Watch the “Ikonoklasti” music video:

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