Sirkuit Preiker Interview: Medeia’s Samuli Peltola Unleashes Electronic Metal Solo Project

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In Sirkuit Preiker’s first-ever interview, Tampere, Finland’s Samuli Peltola explained his project’s origins with striking honesty. Also serving as guitarist-vocalist in alternative death metal outfit Medeia, Peltola poured personal experience and three years’ preparation into “Heijastus”, a single released on May 15, 2020 via Playground Music Finland.

The single combines complex sampling with harsh vocals, abrupt tempo changes, and instrumentation resembling technical death metal. The lyrical content of “Heijastus” and Sirkuit Preiker’s other upcoming music explores the dark corners of struggling with anxiety. Peltola’s vision is not to dwell only there, but to eventually develop the story into a positive force that empowers listeners and also touches other forms of art.

Metal Solstice: When and why did you begin this project? Were you sitting on it for a while, or did the idea only come up since the COVID-19 mess began?

Samuli Peltola: For a while, since 2017 I guess, when I started stumbling on cool samples while working on small-scale sample additions for Medeia’s tracks. My first track “Heijastus” is basically built atop a glitchy static sample. This was the sample that made me want to try out something like this: experimental, electronic, and filled with anxiety and malice. COVID, however, did give me a window to sit down and finish the track.

MS: Sirkuit Preiker is of course your solo project; were all the vocals, instrumentals, and sampling done by you on “Hejastus”, or did you involve others in the process?

Peltola: Yeah, it’s all me. I did receive a fair amount of vocal production and coaching from my dear friend and vocal guru Jonne Soidinaho, and the sounds come from the desk of mix wizard Ville Hautaluoma. These guys helped me get the first track out and now they’re working with me for follow-up stuff. It’s fair to say this project wouldn’t exist without them, so even if this is no band by any stretch of the imagination, it’s a team for sure.

MS: Tell me more about how you intend to share this music. Do you have plans to perform it live, either live-streamed or when gigs resume?

Peltola: Well, Playground Music Finland has been kind enough to act as my label. Spotify and YouTube are my go-to channels for now. I’m really interested in doing more artsy stuff along the way, like composing for an art exhibition and doing all sorts of collaborations with cool people. I do have something weird in mind already. Gigs are out of the order, at least for now. One reason I’m focusing more on composing in general is that I’ve developed a bad case of anxiety disorder that at times makes playing shows very difficult.

MS: Specific to “Heijastus”, or “Reflection” in English- can you explain the lyrical content, as well as more about some of the samples you chose? Will there be any content themes across the project?

Peltola: The lyrics seem to be more on the mental disorder side of things, which pretty much just happened. I’d like to empower people who are going through difficult patches in their lives and offer something to relate to. My lyrics are painfully honest, but I do intend to shift their focus to a more positive direction sometime in the future. Next tracks will still be quite grim, but eventually I plan to take make the story about transcendence through suffering.

“Heijastus” is a story of almost losing one’s life and the visual images related to it. Felt strange to put out such lyrics to begin with, but I guess there’s no sense to hold anything back when you aim to make honest music. All the samples are just simply interesting pieces of different sounds that have caught my attention and seem suitable for the overall atmosphere I want to create.

MS: What’s next for Sirkuit Preiker; can you tell me about what you’re working on now?

Peltola: Despite all the grimness I just dished out this is a feel-good project and a creative outlet for our small team, so there’s a lot of positive energy behind everything that happens. Right now I have my eye on a cool guest star vocalist for the next track I plan to put out, perhaps in August. I can say as much that it’s a definite banger with zero relax.

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